GET ANOTHER   Well he left you High and dry And now all you Can do is cry Girl, get up On your behind And get another There are many Fish in the sea Birds in the air And cats on the land So wipe those tears And get your swimming gear Your air gear And walking gear And simply get another   POEM FROM “POEMS FROM THE OTHER SIDE”  

To College or Not to College. Pt 4

  To College or Not to College. Pt 4 To College or Not to College Part Four NOT TO COLLEGE So many people are under the wrong impression (the lie) that college is the only road to success. It is not the only road it is one road and not the best road (depending on your profession). This section of the book will give you your options that have always existed, but because you refused to research you didn’t know (I hope you’re getting the point of the importance of research). As said earlier education is NOT expensive, college is expensive, but only one type of education NOT the only. You will now see your many different options, which again depending on what you want to do are much better options than college. TRADE SCHOOL Trade schools offer training in a specific training in a wide variety of skilled careers. The cool thing about these schools is they don’t waste your time teaching you a bunch of stuff you will never use at work. They won’t ask you when Peter and Paul will be meeting Je


  BIRDS DO WHY NOT US   Cardinals, canaries, blue jays, and pigeons Penguins, ostriches, ducks, and geese Robins, pelicans, turkeys, and chickens Swans, flamingos, storks, and owls Parrots, eagles, hawks, and buzzards Crows, seagulls, herons, and peacocks Falcons, sparrows, doves, and cuckoos There are so many birds so many species So many colors so many shapes So many sizes some with feathers others with none And still they live in harmony No hating no demeaning no talking down They have accepted their beauty And those of other birds They do not feather shame each other Some fly and some do not They do not believe one is better If birds can be beautiful and wonderful As diverse as they are Why cannot humans see the same? Just as birds come in different shapes Sizes and colors Humans do as well and still Are beautiful Like the crane, the passerine, and the sandpiper There is no human more important better More superior to anothe


  NO JOB   I would climb mountains for you I would walk down valleys too I would fly the airs with the birds and bees I would swim the oceans with the fish with ease I would buy the moon and the sun I would stop bullets shooting from a gun I would stop a moving train with my bare hands And cause it to rain on these dry lands I would cry you a river when you go away No matter the weather it’s here I will stay I would crawl underground to find you the best gold And fly above the highest heights for stories untold I would work hard to buy you the fastest car And find you the best liquor from the bestest bar I’d get autographs from the greatest athletes And buy their shoes and put them on your feet I’d make you the biggest dinner with potatoes and steak And for dessert I would bake you the sweetest cake I will defend you and protect you from every dirty cop And in the courtroom, I’ll get a lawyer that just won’t stop I’ll bare your children no ma


COMPLAINERS LAMENT   You’ve cried about the rain You whined about the drought You’ve whine when it is cold You’ve cry when it is hot There is no satisfying you You’re a spoiled brat You’ve cried about the food You’ve whined about the hunger You’ve whined about the water You’ve cried about the thirst There is no satisfying you You’re a spoiled brat You complain about the problem You complain about the solution You complained when they stayed the same You complained when they made the change There is no satisfying you You’re a spoiled brat You complain about the spring weeds You complain about the autumn leaves You complained about the winter snow You complained about the summer bees There is no satisfying you You’re a spoiled brat Satisfaction, thanksgiving Gratefulness and appreciation Can never seem to be near you You reject them every night You reject them every day There is no satisfying you You’re a spoiled brat This


TAKE IT EASY   Slow down Take it easy What’s the rush? What’s the hurry? Chill it down Play it cool Get up early To have the time To take it easy No need to rush No need to hurry All that rush Will add the stress And even worry So be cool Be smooth Take some time To comfort and soothe If you’re in a car No need to speed Slow down now Or you’ll have a cow Be cool and easy Don’t be a fool be breezy Slow down Take it easy What’s the rush? What’s the hurry? No need to rush Just take it easy From "Poems from the Other Side"  

The Wishing Bottle

Milagros, Lazar, and Kotinga. Who are these people and what do they have to do with #gunviolence, #unequalpay, and #sexualassault? Check out the Wishing Bottle #bookcommunity #BookClub #wishingbottle #fiction #fantasy